hand gun - Rohrbaugh R9s
Rohrbaugh R9s shown above

I lost my firearms owners manual. How can I receive a replacement?
You can download PDF copies of all our product manuals from our website. If you would prefer a printed copy, contact Customer Support at 1-800-803-2233. Or download the .pdf from our website at Our Downloads Page.

Should I lubricate my pistol?
YES! All firearms require lubrication. Please follow your owner’s manual for instructions on proper lubrication. Rohrbaugh recommends that you use lubricants specifically designed for firearms applications.

What kind of ammo can I shoot from my Rohrbaugh pistol?
Use only original high quality factory manufactured (no reloaded) 9mm standard pressure parabellum ammunition in good condition. DO NOT USE +P OR +P+ AMMUNITION. Your Rohrbaugh Pistol has a short barrel to minimize overall size. +P or +P+ ammunition will not result in increased performance but can cause undue wear and failure of the mechanism. Use 380 ACP for your 9mm Kurz.

What type of product warranty does Rohrbaugh offer?
All Rohrbaugh firearms sold in the USA are covered by a Limited Lifetime Warranty for the original owner. For specific warranty information, please contact Rohrbaugh at (800) 803-2233.